My Inspiration.

Strategic Highlights

I sometimes can hardly believe it has been that long since my first trip to Haiti.

I still memorized at the irony that I always returned from my trips with seemingly much more than I brought in the first place. 

In fact, I have brought so much back that I have been equally inspired and moved in duty to Establish a Non-profit organization.  NGO N.E.S.T is indeed at this time a team of one, but one fueled and motivated by the needs and experiences of an entire nation.

I stand as an army of one, carrying forth supportive endeavors for NGOs working in Haiti.

Operating Highlights

On my way to Haiti, I found a precious gift.

This gift of cooperation and it is free. Because cooperation ushers its own benefits, we do not infuse financial incentives to promote cooperation.

We are also committed to guide the sustainable development of developing communities.

Looking Ahead

At NGO N.E.S.T, we are creating a series of engagement protocols built around 3 basic principles:

Sound information leads to sound decisions.

Cooperation is a benefit in and of itself.

Communities should keep what is learned about them.

“The people whose lives I set out to change have in turn changed mine forever”

Judes Fleurimont
President & Founder

NGO Network Empowerment & Support Taskforce (NGO N.E.S.T) is a non-profit Corporation dedicated to the sustainable development of developing communities. 


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