Michele Benoit

PR & Communications Strategist

Michele Benoit is a seasoned communications expert with more than 15 years of experience, working across a range of industries with brands at various stages of their life cycle. From Procter & Gamble's (P&G) beauty cabinet to Unilever's food pantry and the home furnishing giant IKEA, Michele has helped well-known brands stay fresh and relevant in a crowded market. She’s also worked with upstarts to launch and claim space in store aisles and in the consideration set among consumers. No matter where in the home brands may choose to play a role in a consumer’s life, Michele works with them to build, maintain and reinforce compelling stories that resonate with the media, influencers and ultimately, the consumer, and her path to purchase.


Growing up in the agency world, both in the US and abroad, Michele honed her chops at such top public relations and communications firms as Marina Maher Communications (MMC), Ketchum, Ogilvy PR and Lippe Taylor. She has managed and executed all aspects of brand PR, including global strategy and planning, social media strategy and activation, media relations, event planning and production, as well as talent procurement, negotiation and relationship management. Core to her approach, Michele leads with a results focus that ensures the journey delivers as much value as the destination.


Michele is based in Manhattan, and has a great passion for travel and finding hidden gems of all kinds – she loves nothing more than uncovering and sharing the latest find.


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